Mediation Services

Having more than 35 years’ combined experience as a lawyer, retailer and mediator has given me a significant advantage, namely a practical perspective and commercial understanding, which is of great assistance in my encounters with parties from all walks of life.

Operating in the commercial world and also as a lawyer enables me to relate well to both legal representatives and also their clients, who always appreciate the knowledge that the mediator understands and has experienced the commercial realities of life, whether it be as a landlord or tenant, vendor or purchaser, partner in a business, builder or owner (yes, I have also built a house!) and franchisor or franchisee, to name a few examples.

As a mediator I have a specialist knowledge and understanding of the mediation process and assume a calm, professional and expert approach. I work tirelessly with the parties to assist them to achieve an outcome that they can live with to avoid the risks associated with a Court or Tribunal determining the outcome of their dispute.

Although trained under both the “facilitative” and “transformative” models of mediation, if I sense that the mediation is developing in a particular direction which is likely to shorten the process and achieve a good outcome for all, I am happy to adopt a flexible approach to the process.

Being accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), all of my mediations are conducted under the Practice Standards (September 2007). Click here to view.

As important as it is to the parties that I work with, so is a high level of integrity important to me. Because I also conduct a commercial legal practice, where I am engaged to conduct a mediation I will not act for any of the legally represented parties involved in the mediation in any legal matter thereafter.

My mediation services are available to be provided in Melbourne, its suburbs, country Victoria and interstate.