The testimonials below are an assortment of extracts from emails, letters and feedback forms relating to both mediation and commercial legal matters. For reasons of confidentiality they are not attributed.

” Thank you for forwarding a copy of the terms of settlement. And thank you also, for your professional and competent handling of today’s proceedings

I wanted to thank you for all your good content and guidance over the years. It’s been much appreciated by me, the LIJ and the LIV

Thank you again for your assistance in helping the parties to reach a settlement outcome yesterday

I understand and deeply appreciate your position and also your high level of care and communication in this matter

I would just like to thank you for your guidance, patience and insight during the mediation process last Friday. Your help was much appreciated.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a masterful job as Mediator yesterday. I was very impressed that you were able to so sensibly cut through to the essence of the arguments and keep pushing the matter forwards towards a common sense resolution. I felt a lot of confidence in you throughout the mediation session. Although it would seem that this is the expected role of a Mediator, it is actually quite a skill.  I think the fact that you mentioned that you also have past practical commercial experience has provided you with a common sense perspective that others lack.”

The agreement looks to encapsulate this matter entirely … I’ll forward it on to David for signing. Many thanks for your expert advice, and for the very timely manner in which it has been provided.

“Just wanted to say thanks for today. Always difficult for us, but you have seen it all before and handled the situation really fairly for both sides. Much appreciated”

“It was good to meet you yesterday. Your mediation style was greatly appreciated and certainly provided for a sensible outcome to be reached by the parties. I will certainly keep you in mind for any future mediation requirements that I may have and will recommend you to my colleagues”

“So happy that you’re on my team”

“Jonathan was very professional and patient. I appreciated his knowledge and skill”

“Excellent mediator. Thank you Jonathan”

“Thank you for all your help over the last 6-8 weeks. We definitely couldn’t have gone through this process without your expert guidance. It’s been very much appreciated.”

“Excellent speaker – knew his topic”

“I would like to thank you for your efforts on Tuesday. You’re good at what you do”

“Jonathan was very professional with an excellent manner conducive to assisting in settling this dispute”

“In our initial conversation I mentioned that it was quite complex but knew that you were the perfect mediator to be appointed for this matter. The parties’ feedback clearly indicated that as well”

“You haven’t disappointed and that’s why word of mouth is priceless”

“I felt I could work with you, which is important for legal representatives to feel, and my client was also happy with your efforts. I will keep your details saved and look forward to working with you again in future”

“He was excellent at getting the parties to talk and had amazing patience”

“I thought the mediation went extremely well and all of the parties owe thanks to you for the way you managed things. I will be very happy to recommend you as a mediator and to include you in my personal list of people who I know can do a very good job in my area”

“In general it was a positive experience. Jonathan was extremely helpful. Very happy with the result”

“A valiant attempt to bring together two parties who were poles apart”

“Thank you Jonathan for your totally impartial approach. Much appreciated.”

” I have already been singing your praises to some of our other lawyers “around the water cooler” as a recommended mediator”

“Overall calm, professional and succinct”

“Very successful. Thanks to the mediator.”

“I was very happy with Jonathan. Would highly recommend him in this field”

“The mediator had a very difficult task because of the diametrically opposed views of the respective parties. Despite this the mediator tirelessly endeavoured to try to reach agreement to the extent he and the parties were able.”

“A great thanks to you for being so patient and helping in making this happen”

“Thank you for all of your hard work in this mediation”

“Happy with the process and the failure to resolve was not attributable to the mediator. Will recommend Mr Kaplan for similar disputes”

“I really appreciate your help in moving towards a resolution and a happier workplace”

“Although our mediation went 5 hours Jonathan never pushed the result and as a result everyone walked away with a satisfactory result. Well done and thank you, Jonathan.”

“Such a tricky situation. Thank you for all your hard work on these matters and the way in which you assisted the parties in light of the circumstances”

“Really impressed with your technique. Will be recommending you strongly to my partners for future mediation work”

“Excellent work, thank you. Well mediated as to process as well as issues”